What is Gravity Camp?

We will have the campers rotating through four different sessions of wholly unique activities every day. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable fitness providers will ensure mindful movement and fun for the entire week!

Gravity Camp is a unique collaboration between The Aerial Lab, Grass Valley CrossFit, and Gold Crush Climbing Gym.  Focus and grit while climbing, strength and grace through the aerial arts, and the form and fitness of CrossFit will give campers a sense of strength and confidence that comes from full physical and mental engagement.

One thing that sets Gravity Camp apart is our smaller, focused camp groups.  This provides a more comfortable atmosphere that will allow every camper tailored, one-on-one engagement with their instructors.  

We are so excited to present the 4th annual Gravity Camp to our community. See you soon!!

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JUNE  Sessions 1 & 2

8th-12th      (ages 7-12)

22nd-26th   (ages 10-15)

JULY   Sessions 3 & 4

6th-10th     (ages 7-12)

20th-24th   (ages 10-15)

Daily Schedule

8:45am            Drop-Off

9-10:15            Climbing

10:25-11:40     CrossFit

11:40-12:05     LUNCH

12:05-1:20       (TBD)

1:30-2:45         Aerial

2:45-3pm         Pick-Up



General Enrollment  


Early Bird (until 5/1)      Standard

$349                    $399

Sibling Discount    


Early Bird (until 5/1)      Standard

$329                             $369

Gravity Camp Mission

To provide a complete experience of mindful movement. An opportunity to explore the vertical and inverted world that we are typically unfamiliar with. An experience that will give participants an understanding of movement and motion that is thoughtful, powerful, creative and geared toward growth.  

To build community.

Sorry to say we have cancelled the 2020 summer camps